Body Beauty Treatment


-Satin salt body Exfoliation 70 Min 7500Yen
-Spa peeling body Exfoliation 70 Min 6500Yen

Exfoliation with salt crystals combined with a moisturizing massage for an express beautifying treatment that leaves the skin soft and silky.
A whole-body exfoliation using a sugary, sleek texture. A soothing body massage with lightly perfumed moisturizing milk provides a perfect finishing touch to this treatment.

-Spa Peeling Body Exfoliation & Mist Sauna 75 Min 7500Yen.
-Spa Peeling Body Exfoliation + 50 Min Body Massage. 1H 45 Min 10500 Yen.
-Body Exfoliation+Mist Sauna+ 50 Min Body Massage. 2H 12000Yen.

Results: Luminous, moisturized and relaxed skin.


A choice of 3 high-performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or re-invigorate skin tissues.
This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. The selected marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. A total body massage at the end of the "cocoon" treatment leaves you beautifully relaxed and rehydrated.
Results: Depending on which wrap has been used, the body is visibly purified, refined or invigorated.

-Marine Body wrap ----> Detox Program 6500Yen
(Detoxifying:stimulates sweating for improved elimination of toxins)
(Contouring:Stimulates the lipolysis)

-Marine Body wrap ----> Contour Program 6500Yen
(Encourages the elimination of fat.Detoxifies the tissues)

-Marine Body wrap ----> Remineralizing Program 6500Yen
(Revitalizing and relaxing)
(The body mask contains essential oils:Ylang-ylang,Lavender,Sage,Sandalwood...)

- Your choice of 3 Marine Body wrap + Body Massage 11000Yen~


A holistic journey into the heart of PHYTOMER DNA to recharge the body's batteries.
Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this new body treatment offers a unique multisensorial experience based on OLIGOMER®, PHYTOMER'S mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits.
Its specific massage produces a fully encompassing holistic approach from the tips of the toes to the ends of the hair. It provides perfect balance between light strokes and presses and between deep tissue massage and a gentle hand massage for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation.
Results: your body is relaxed, re-energized and deeply revitalized.

-Mineral Body Exfoliation 30 Min and 60 Min Full Body Massage(Salicorne Oil & Marine criste oil)
90 min 10500Yen.

-Full body massage only ~60Min 7500Yen.