Fabulous Nails and Footcare!

Gelish color gel gel-polish is the latest trend seen on celebrity hands this past awards season.

Now, Gelish is available at Raddi Esthe salon.

Gelish was the first-ever gel-polish fusion, invented, patented and perfected by nail Olympian Danny Haile, founder of the international beauty company Hand & Nail Harmony.

The idea behind Gelish gel-polish was simple yet scientifically complex: invent a brush-on nail lacquer that goes on like polish, yet stays on like gel…lasts and lasts and lasts, for 21 days of glorious, shiny, polished perfection.

Also there’s no odor, no damage to natural nails, no wasted time waiting for it to be applied or dry: Gelish light-cures in seconds (20 seconds in an LED lamp, a few minutes in a UV lamp), so you’re all set and ready to dig in your purse for your keys and get out the door fast.

Or, for gorgeous feet, even if you’ll be walking on beach sand, a Gelish pedicure is ideal: not only does Gelish dry shiny in mere minutes, but it will also stay that way — no matter what.

Of course, movie & TV stars, singers, supermodels, celebrities, fashion-shoot stylists and their beauty teams LOVE Gelish (it stays gorgeous for 3 weeks…lasts until it’s taken it off…) and is odor-free, slim, beautiful and easy to maintain, great for fills, too.

For many of us, a nail-salon or spa appointment is a time to interact with a favorite nail technician and get a little princess-style pampering time all to ourselves.

But, oftentimes, that pleasant visit can be marred by malodorous chemicals, a long wait for nails or toes to dry, or, worst of all, turn to frustrated despair about wasted money when the shiny, glossy manicure that looked so gorgeous walking out of the salon on Saturday is all dull, cracked, peeling and ruined by Wednesday.

Those negative experiences are now a thing of the past…with Gelish, “the Permanent Manicure.”

And, a Gelish maintenance fill is odor-free, quick and easy, goes on to nails right from the brush in the bottle thinner, slimmer, gorgeous…just so, so much better than any other product.